the fear war.

it’s not that the fear goes away. i don’t think it ever does. it just becomes a part of you. you get to know each other. you start to form a twisted relationship of dependency, competition and affection. one moment it gets to run the ship, steering you away from your hopes and dreams then other times, usually in the early morning after it has finally fallen asleep – you get to the take the reigns for a bit. undoing the damage. righting the course.

the faint knowledge that at any moment all your hard work will most likely be undone. at any moment, usually late in the evening – it will rise from it’s coffin to wrong all your rights, destroy all you create and cremate your confidence.

you know this. you accept it. yet because the spirit is a persistent force of nature – you press forward again and again with the perpetual drive to create, to continue, to win.

to win the war with our fears we must befriend it first. talk to it. ask it questions. critique its automated responses. sing it a lullaby. rock it to sleep. acknowledge its existence then give it a kiss on the cheek and continue on anyway.

ignore it’s lies. ignore it’s repetitive song. some days it will win. that is a promise. but the more you rise up, the more days you will win and the smaller it’s power shall become.

love fear with all you have. listen to its lies. they tell us exactly where to go, exactly what to do. it teaches us how to be a fighter, how to be a loser and how to win the war ourselves.

if we are one with our fears, we are one with our dreams and closer to that horizon of success.

when the war is finally over, when we learn how to win the war with our fears Рwe reach a mountaintop of freedom and are finally able to do our work and allow our souls to shine.

the key is to continue. continue to make our art. dance our dance. sing our song. build our project. raise our child. nurture our souls. be in our being. love with all we have.

we must allow ourselves to win that war between our higher self and the tragically misled ego – we must silence the resistance, silence the fear so that all that remains is a still, eternal moment of bliss.

let go of your fears and let yourself win.

let them fade away with the past until they are barely a speck to behold, barely a memory in mind.

let yourself win the war, bathe in the light, bask in the now and finally allow yourself to become all that you created yourself to be.